Attaching a felted pressure sensor with an embroidery machine

  • Attaching a felted pressure sensor with an embroidery machine


An illustration of how a felted pressure sensor can be incorporated in an e-embroidery project using an embroidery machine.



Set up an embroidery hoop with backing paper and fabric. Cut a hole in the filler material in the same shape and size as the felted pressure sensor. Embroider a place-marker edge to fix the filler position and attach it to the textile.


Insert the vibration motor into the desired spot under the pressure sensing area. Secure the wires on the reverse side.


Cut out a small scoop from the pressure sensor if needed to fit the vibration motor securely into its thickness. Place the pressure sensor into the hole of the filler material and place a top fabric covering the entire surface. Secure the top fabric with a couple of pins. Embroider the edge of the sensor with a single stitch line.


Cut of the excess fabric closely long the edge of the pressure sensor


Embroider with a thick satin stitch along the edge of the pressure sensor to secure the frayed edges. When done, the remaining filler materials can be easily peeled off.


Ramyah Gowrishankar

28. April 2017

Ramyah Gowrishankar


felted pressure sensor (wool, conductive fibres), embroidery filler material, conductive yarns, normal fabrics and a vibration motor

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