Tutorial 1: Hello World

In this tutorial, you will use the Interactex Designer for your first simulated e-Textile project. You will learn about the different modes of the Interactex Designer and create a program that turns on and off a led with a  switch on the iPhone.

Step 1: Create a new project

The initial Interactex Screen shows the available projects.

Tapping on the + Button at the top right corner leads to the canvas view.

Step 2: Add components to the workspace

Objects in the Interactex Designer can be dragged from the palette into the canvas. Drag a LED into the workspace, and then add an iswitch to the iPhone.

Step 3: Connect the LED to the micro controller

Tap on the flower button to go to hardware mode. Add a microcontroller board to the canvas. The LED's ground pin (minus) is automatically connected to the board. Enter the connection mode by tapping the connect button on the tools. Drag a wire from the LED's plus pin into a digital pin on the board.

Step 4: Assign behavior to the switch and LED

Tap on the brackets button to go to the software mode. In order to make the LED turn on when the switch is turned on, a rule has to be defined. Select the connection mode again and drag a line from the switch to the LED. A popup will appear listing switch events (left) and LED methods (right). By selecting the switch's switchOn and the led's turn on cells, a rule is created meaning: "when the switch's switchOn event occurs, the LED's turnOn method should be called".

Step 5: Simulate the interaction

Start the simulation mode by tapping the play button at the upper right corner and turn the switch on. The LED should turn on.

Stop the simulation mode by tapping on the pause button at the upper right corner.

Step 6: Downloading the project to your iPhone

Open the Interactex Client and tap the + at the top right corner of the screen. It will lead to the Download View.

Step 7: Establishing the connection

The Interactex Designer and Client should be on the same network, or have Bluetooth enabled to be able to communicate with each other.

Once the user has opened the Interactex Client's download view, the push button (arrow pointing up on the Interactex Designer toolbox) should become available. By tapping it, the project is transferred to the Interactex Client.

On the interactex client, you should see a "download complete message".

Step 8: Open the project on your iPhone

Select the recently downloaded project on the project selection screen of the Interactex Client. When the Scan button is tapped, Bluetooth Low Energy devices are discovered. If a supported device is discovered, the Scan button will be replaced by a Start button. By tapping the Start button, the connection with the device is established and you can start interacting with the actual hardware.

Step 9: Connecting to the hardware

You need a micro controller with a BLE connection and the Firmata firmware. We use a Lilypad with a BLE module. The hardware should be wired in the same way as you connected it in the Interactex Designer project. In our case, the LED is connected to pin 5.

In the project view, press the "Scan" button to connect to your hardware. When the client has found an appropriate BLE device, the button text will change to "Start". When you press "Start", the connection will be established. On our controller, it is indicated with a red light. Now your hardware can be controlled via the iPhone.