Interactex Designer

The Interactex Designer is an app for iPad that allows you to plan, program and test simple wearable applications. There are three modes: The hardware mode, the software mode and the simulation mode.

In hardware mode, you can drag and drop components into the workspace and connect them to a micro controller, such as the Arduino Lilypad. You can plan your circuit and choose the right pins for your purpose.

In software mode, behaviors can be assigned to the components, and they can be linked to GUI elements and the functions of your mobile device.

The simulation mode allows you to test and debug your project before you upload it to our mobile device.

Please check the tutorial section for more information on how to set up and run your project.

Interactex Client

The Interactex Client app hosts and runs your Interactex projects. You just need to connect your iPhone to the same network as your Interactex Designer device, and download the project into the phone. Once your project is installed, you can connect to your wearable hardware and try it out.