Shape-Knit Sensor Ball

  • Shape-Knit Sensor Ball
  • The ball is filled with beans and stays in shape
  • The knit part on the flatbed knitting machine


This is a ball with knitted segments that incorporate pressure-sensitive yarn. The hull of the ball is knit in one piece using short rows as knitting technique on a manual flat bet knitting machine. A lilypad-like micro controller with a BLE module sits on the ball and sends the values to a computer or mobile device. The ball is an exploration of textile interactions as input for electronic devices. The idea was also to make use of existing knitting techniques and reinterpret them for the construction of interactive textile objects.


Katharina Bredies

29. January 2014

Hannah Perner Wilson


Pressure-sensitive yarn from Schoeller (polyester-steel blen 80/20) Cotton yarn Conductive velcro Sewable microcontroller Spandex (for bean-filled inlay) Mungo beans (as filling material)

Silver Reed SK 830 computer-controlled flatbed knitting machine Sewing machine Hand sewing tools (needle, scissors, thread)


Input Analog inputs Accessories Pressure Knitting Expressive