Stretch Switch I

  • Stretch Switch I
  • Stretch switch front view


Conductive thread is isolated to the front, but exposed on the back. Stretching the material exposes the conductive material to the front.



Cast on a 1-1 rib knit on the double bed with all needles. Make sure the needles on the ribbing attachment do not collide with the needles on the main bed.


Knit a few rows with the carriage in basic position A.


Conductive yarn is threading through P in the main carriage.

(to make it easier you should push the carriage to the end of the beds, where you don't have the needles underneath. then use the latch tool through the two holes to pull the thread from under the machine.)


Set the carriage in position B and keep on knitting.

Do not forget to use a loose tension (8 should be enough), otherwise the conductive yarn will not appear to the surface while stretching the sample.


The conductive yarn should only show on the side of the ribbing attachment. The main bed knits tuck stitches.


23. January 2014

Sara Diaz Rodriguez, Katharina Bredies

Double-bed hand knitting machine


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