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That is great indeed! After all, the Interactex database entirely relies on your contributions (and that of a few more persons, hopefully). The more you share with the community, the more you can get back in return. Now there's just one or two more steps:

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This is just to get in touch with you in case we have questions, and so that you can see and edit your contributions later on. We don't make money with this thing, so we don't have a reason to spam you.

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Once you have registered and logged in, there is three contribution formats that you can choose from: Patterns, projects and techniques.


A pattern is what we call a textile structure that functions as an electric component. In this format, you will find applications of a particular technique to build a specific element such as a button, a connection or an actuator.


Projects are great to show how a particular pattern or technique can be used. It provides a context and a purpose, and it might even show how to combine different patterns in one piece. You can choose from categories that describe the application context of your project.


Some textile patterns might be so complicated that it is worth to explain the textile technique separately. Or you can use one technique to build different patterns. Either way, a technique describes how to construct a particular textile structure.

Link between projects, patterns and techniques

It is always great to have an application context if you look at a particular technique or pattern, or to know how to construct the details of a project. Or you have a brand new, undocumented idea about how an already documented technique on this site should be used. Therefore we added the possibility to interlink your projects, patterns and techniques. For now, we need to do this for you - so please give us a hint when you submit your contribution!